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What Did Jesus Teach About Immigration?

Victim's face

Paul Kohler, victim of savage attack in London.

Some Christian clergymen dabble in politics and use their sermons to tell us that Jesus would have approved of this or that political agenda. I think they are on very shaky ground.
Would Jesus really have objected to the idea of deporting the four men who beat up the London lecturer pictured above? They broke into his home demanding money and beat him so violently that he needed facial reconstruction surgery. The vision in his left eye is now damaged, perhaps permanently. When the case got to court, the judge goaled them, but that means that the British tax-payer will have to fork out upwards of £700 per week for EACH of the four to be kept in prison for years. While there they get free food, heating, TV, health care, training, and the chance to do an Open University degree. Was that perhaps what they were intending all along?
       I am not going to say where the attackers come from, because I have nothing against the law-abiding people who come from that country, but I think it would be fairer for these attackers to be sent home to serve their sentence, and never permitted to return to the UK. And I don't think Jesus would have objected. 
      It is true that Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan, who rescued the traveller beaten up by thieves, and gave him all the help he needed. The moral of the story is that we are to help those whose misfortunes are accidental but Jesus does not say how we should treat the attackers. He does not tell us to treat the criminals with such leniency as to attract millions more violent criminals to come to your country. 
       Jesus lived in a time when means of transport were very limited. Unless you could afford a horse or a donkey (and most people couldn't) you walked everywhere. Roads were very poor and made of stones. They were also scarce. You might find no road at all in the direction you needed to go. Most people stayed all their lives in the region, probably the same village where they were born. They might go away to join the army or because they were driven out by famine or drought but even then they tended to return, when they could. The idea of migrating to the other side of the world did not occur to many of them. 
         So when Jesus said, "I was a stranger, and you gave me hospitality," he was envisaging the occasional, isolated stranger on foot who might pass through a typical village in Judea every few months or so. He was not envisaging mass migration by millions of people travelling by train, car, lorry or aeroplane, none of which had then been invented. He was not talking about the situation we now have with hordes pushing their way through the Channel Tunnel, and gangs smuggling people across borders like contraband.
        Jesus could also, we are told, do miracles, but we can't, so we have to find some feasible, practical solution to the question of how many people to fit onto a small island. The population of the world is 7 billion. They won't all fit. The population of the EU is 505 million  - they can't really fit very comfortably. If they all turned up simultaneously, at the vicarage of some Marxist-minded clergyman such as Giles Fraser tomorrow morning, demending to be "taken in" and to sway  permanently, he might have to change his mind about literal interpretations of scripture.

"The Paedophile Next Door" - A Naive Report by Steve Humphries

Last night Channel 4 broadcast a programme entitled "The Paedophile Next Door". It claimed to be groundbreaking and to offer some new approach to the problem of paedophilia. 
This new approach consisted of one academic, Dr Sarah Goode, saying that people who experience paedophile desires should be able to seek help and "treatment" before they offend. 
The trouble with this is 
a) most paedophiles don't want help, they want to gratify their desires,
b) there is no known treatment. There is no therapy available in the UK for paedophiles and the sole experiment taking place in Germany is tiny, ill-funded, and seems to have no proven track record of success. If it does, then the programme failed to mention it. 

Steve Humphries asked why paedophilia has obviously flourished in the UK in the past thirty years despite general public disapproval  - and he failed to offer any plausible explanation. 
 Here it is. The paedophile movement is inseparable from the homosexual movement. They are, and always have been, one and the same thing. 

The Paedophile Information Exchange, which featured briefly in this TV programme, was founded and always dominated by male homosexuals. Tom O'Carroll, Peter Righton, Ian Campbell Dunn, etc etc They were the same people who were running Gay Liberation and the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE), both of which demanded the abolition of all age of consent. There are more than thirty active pro-paedophile groups in Europe today. 28 of them founded and run by male homosexuals, and many of them, such as the Dutch COC, are affiliated to ILGA (the International Lesbian and Gay Association) which is publicly funded. 

Peter Ashman pro-paedophilecampaigner

Peter Ashman the homosexual who set up ILGA and earned huge amounts of money from the EU and the British government for promulgating his antisocial ideas, was a paedophile and a paedophile campaigner.  In 1976 Ashman wrote in the Guardian that paedophilia had never done any harm and that those  who thought it should remain illegal were guilty of “prejudice, ignorance and bigotry”. He angrily defended CHE for supporting paedophiles.
Ashman then got funding for the rest of his life to pursue this agenda on a European scale. 
With EU funding, these IGLA groups have already succeeded in lowering the age of  consent to 12 in some parts of the EU. 
The same ideas and the same agenda have often been flaunted by the toxic Peter Tatchell, arch-hypocrite who has appropriated the term "human rights". Only last week Terry Bean, the founder of HRC, the most aggressive and belligerent homosexual group in America, was arrested on charges of s----ising a 15-year-old boy. Bean's former partner, aged 25, said that he was paid by Bean to cruise multiple homosexual "dating" sites and apps to find fresh meat for Bean, 66. 

David Thorstad founder leader of Gay Liberation and NAMBLA

All over the world, the paedophile movement is and always has been, inseparable from the LGBT movement. All the leaders and founders of the American so-called "gay rights" were paedophiles or expressed public approval for NAMBLA (the North American Man-Boy Love Association) and its agenda, of abolishing age of consent. David Thorstad, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Frank Kameny, Harry Hay and Gore Vidal were all  NAMBLA members or openly in favour of it and had loads of hands-on experience to offer. Many lesbians publicly subscribe to their views.

The UK Labour Party is implicated in this corruption because it gave official approval and funding to the vile Stonewall organisation (founded by among others Peter Ashman). In 2009, a large paedophile network was found in Scotland, led by James Rennie and John Murphy. Rennie and Murphy had previously worked for Stonewall's LGBT Youth and were now running LGBT Scotland, a publicly-funded group. Rennie was earning £40,000 per year for advising the Blair government on LGBT-youth issues and it was under his guidance that they enforced the policy of allowing homosexual couples to adopt children. That policy has resulted in cases of grave child abuse, and also in the closure of many adoption societies, leaving 62,000 unadopted children in care. The other members of Rennie's paedophile ring were all male homosexuals and mostly LGBT activists.

Strachan, using the name "Mark", sent Rennie images of his abuse of the toddler on New Year's Eve. Further investigations by police uncovered the identities of the other six men who made, shared and collected abusive images: Colin Slaven, 23, from Edinburgh; Neil Campbell, 46, John Milligan, 40, and John Murphy, 44, all of Glasgow; Ross Webber, 27, from North Berwick; and Craig Boath, 24, from Dundee. Milligan had 78,000 images in his possession. He was allowed to listen on the telephone to Rennie abusing the toddler, and had discussed getting access to the boy. Webber, Boath and Milligan were found guilty of conspiring to participate in the sexual abuse of children along with Strachan and Rennie. Campbell was cleared of conspiracy. The men will be sentenced later.
Labour-run local authorities such as Islington have in the past generation inflicted pro-gay policies, with the result that cases of paedophile abuse escalated. Organised, sophisticated male homosexual paedophiles worked through the system to access children and called it "progress" or "abolishing prejudice". Male homosexual paedophiles like Bernie Bain and Nicholas Rabet were put in charge of children's care-homes. Peter Righton, a male homosexual paedophile, (and close friend of Ben Britten), was put in charge of UK social services, and was the most senior person in advising the government on all childcare issues. He was a PIE member. Fact.
All of this is well documented in the files of survivor networks and personal testimonies. 
Child-abuse charities try to account for it by saying that paedophiles "posed as homosexuals". But they didn't have to pose as homosexuals. They are homosexuals. B4U-Act, the USA pro-paedophile group, is run by male homosexuals. Paidika was set up by male homosexuals. There are hundreds of pro-paedo books and magazines written by ....male homosexuals. And there are pro-paedophile conferences being held in universties all over the world by... yes, male homosexuals.All of the obnoxious men found running the most sophisticated paedophile rings all over England, Scotland, Europe and the USA  - all over the globe in fact  - are always male homosexuals, often living with a male partner as Peter Righton did. His partner was another male homosexual paedophile. That is how they operate. 
In Steve Humphries' programme, Dr Sarah Goode put the view that people with paedophile urges should be able to seek "treatment". They found one example of a man called Eddie who has paedo urges and does not want to give in to them. Dr Goode said that your sexual orientation is not necessarily "what you are". People are moral and have moral choices. Eddie agreed. But that is totally against the ideology of the LGBT movement (which is being forcibly taught to children in schools). The LGBT ideology is that desire is "orientation " which is "what you are". "Being gay" is your "identity". It teaches the unscientific view that sexual urges are innate, cannot be changed and must always be gratified. Pro-paedophile campaigners say the same thing, that paedophilia is an inborn orientation that cannot be changed.  They reject choice, they reject responsibility and they reject morality. They follow the motto "lust is a must". They are trying to BAN  therapy for homosexual feelings even when it is voluntary, and they  are spreading a hysterical myth that such therapy is "torture". Fact. They want to impose a ban world-wide and have gone right up to the UN to impose that tyranny.
Such a ban would logically also ban therapy for paedophiles such as James Rennie, John Murphy, Neil Strachan, and Neil Campbell. They don't want to prevent paedophilia, they want to change its name to "child-sex rights" and lower the age of consent until it is abolished altogether. 
The LGBT movement is a major obstruction in trying to tackle the problem of paedophilia. Any other assessment of the situation is naive.

The Paedophile Next Door - 9.00pm tonight on Channel 4
Historian Steve Humphries examines failures in policies and
legislation put in place to protect youngsters from sexual abuse, and
discovers radical new solutions proposed by an increasing number of
child-protection experts, which challenge deep-rooted attitudes and
emotional reactions to paedophiles. Senior lecturer Sarah Goode
believes the most promising way to reduce the number of child-abuse
cases is to encourage people to seek treatment before they target
victims. Her theory is supported by an interview in this programme inThey are paedoph
which Humphries meets a man who makes an extraordinary confession on

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Boycott All Muslim Businesses Worldwide if Asia Bibi is Executed

Please sign this petition.

If the Pakistani judiciary insists on going ahead with the execution of #Asia_Bibi I am going to boycott all Muslim businesses permanently and I suggest that as many other people as possible do the same. The British Government should stop giving tens of millions in aid to Pakistan, a brutal reactionary regime, which should certainly be thrown out of the Commonwealth.

This young woman is the mother of five children and has been sentenced to death for drinking water from the same well where Muslims drank, thus supposedly polluting it.
The vicious murders, lynching and assassination of Christians in Pakistan are at last starting to capture some world attention, but not enough, and what measures are being taken?

I am already boycotting Muslim businesses here in Oxford in protest at the latest ISIS beheading, that of Peter Kassig on 16th November. And the burning of the couple in Pakistan. And the death sentence on Pastor Saeed in Iran. And the victims of Boko Haram, and so many more.

If I hear that Asia Bibi has been hanged in defiance of all international treaties on Human Rights, I will make that boycott permanent and I hope as many other people as possible will follow suit.

Monday, 24 November 2014

One of those Great Leftie Myths - did Daily Mail support Hitler?

There are thousands of rabid left-wing websites on the internet and you can usually spot them by the fact that they are written by people who cannot spell. They are particularly challenged by the word "fascist". 

Note that this dubious little factsheet comes from "Wear Red" the Facebook page that was set up to encourage people to behave insultingly at Margaret Thatcher's funeral. The editors, who can't spell "fascist" (something in common there with Mr Derek Crawford Munn) approve of such views as that Britain should be ashamed of its criminal imperialist past.
 "What have the Romans ever done for us?...Well they built the aquaduct...."
But to return to their attack on the Daily Mail. This sort of crude propaganda is highly effective. It is read by thousands of people, who have even less education than its grubby Facebook authors, and who go around repeating that the Daily Mail is a "facist" paper that supported Hitler and Nazi Germany throughout World War II.
That is ridiculous. 
What actually happened is that some years before the war, when nobody outside Germany and very few people inside it, could have known what Hitler was capable of, the Daily Mail published a series of articles praising such things as his energetic programme for countering unemployment. Economic slump had spread across the world and there was a huge popular feeling in the early 1930s that the worst thing that could happen was another war. People had vivid recent memories of the last one.
However, when war was declared in 1939, the Daily Mail was as patriotic as any other newspaper. It thundered its support for Mr Churchill and the defence of civilised values. 
On 4th September, 1939, the morning after the outbreak of the Second World War, the Daily Mail 's lead article read: "No statesman, no man with any decency could think of sitting at the same table with Hitler or his henchman the trickster von Ribbentrop, or any other of the gang. We fight against the blackest tyranny that has ever held men in bondage. We fight to defend and to restore freedom and justice on earth."

Here is the Daily Mail reporting the defeat of the German army in Russia in 1943.

And here it is gleefully reporting the sinking of a major German battleship later the same year.

So we can safely say that the Daily Mail did NOT support Germany in World War 2 and the idea that it did is just another one of those ubiquitous leftie myths. The leftie rag Political Crapbook not only fibs that the owner of the Daily Mail met Hitler during the war, but claims that Ed Milband's father "manned a destroyer" in the D-day landings. Well, sort of... he was actually a radio operator, a petty officer who never went into face-to-face combat.
It's probably true that the socialists have never forgiven the Daily Mail for publishing the Zinoviev Letter, which helped to topple a Labour government in 1924.
Most of Ed Miliband's supporters are not only stupid and ignorant, they are spiteful and unscrupulous to boot. The apparachniks who run Political Crapbook were not content to slander me in the most damning and inflammatory terms, they actually went so far as to set up a fake website that looked as much as possible like this blog, and fill it with falsehoods, malicious fabrications about me personally (with no political relevance).
Call me sheltered, but I had never met such sewer-rats before encountering Laurence Durnan. His Political Crapbook would of course prefer to support communist dictator Stalin, who exterminated far more people than Hitler.
The best thing to do is to carry on reading a wide range of newspapers and bear in mind that anybody who sneers at the Daily Mail is probably too illiterate to read it.

Daily Mail vs Ralph Miliband

Thursday, 20 November 2014

International Children's Rights Day - R.I.P. Jason Swift

November 20th, International Children's Rights Day, is also the anniversary of the killing of 14-year-old Jason Swift by a gang of homosexuals in Hackney in 1985.

Jason ran away from home when his parents split up and he 
was supposed to be living with his elder sister. He wandered off to doss on the streets of London, where he was picked up by the homosexual gang of Sidney Cooke, who ran a vile child-prostitution racket in Hackney. The gang would cruise the streets to find lone boys, offer them shelter and food and then sexually exploit them. They would be locked up, drugged, anally raped and touted to customers who asked no questions.

Jason is often described by the press as a "rent-boy" but the truth is that he was a rape victim. His father, Sid Swift, commented, 

"All I know is the media keep calling him a rent boy, as far as I’m concerned he’s not a rent boy. If he was a rent boy it was only what Cooke and his cronies made him."

In late November 1985, Cooke and seven other members of his gang met at the flat of Robert Oliver in Hackney. Lennie Smith and his homosexual partner Lesley Bailey were there, with Stephen Barrell and two others. They called this a "party." Jason was promised £5 to go along. When he got there, all of them took part in the horrific group sexual assault. They first gave him drugs to make him relaxed and groggy, then tied him up, gagged him and took turns in violently molesting him until he died of internal injuries and asphyxiation. 
There are allegations that the killing was videoed to make a porn movie.
They wrapped the body in a blanket and dumped it, nearly naked, in woods in Epping Forest, Essex, where it was found ten days later by a woman walking a dog. 

Bailey later confessed to the crimes and implicated several others in his testimony. Cooke and two others were convicted only of manslaughter, not of murder, because they claimed the death was accidental. Cooke told police that someone had given Jason "a clump on the back". Yet in prison he boasted to other inmates of all the boys he had killed.
Bailey was hanged by fellow-paedophiles in prison in 1993. Sidney Cooke and Robert Oliver are still alive. Cooke's partner David Patrick has made offers to reveal the burial places of other gang victims in exchange for money, but police have dismissed this as extortion.

Police identify body of murdered boy
The Times, London, December 4, 1985
A murdered boy whose half-naked body was found in a copse near Ongar, Essex, on Saturday, was yesterday identified as Jason Swift, aged 14, from Stoke Newington, north London. 
More than 50 police officers are trying to reconstruct the last five months of his life after the school boy was reported missing from the Hackney home of sister, where he was staying, on July 6.
The boy was identified after a search of the national missing persons register at Scotland Yard limited the hunt to about 100 children of similar build and description.
Dept Supt Ken Smith, of Essex Police, said there was evidence that the boy, who was asphyxiated, had been missing from his mother’s home several times before and had been homosexually abused in the past.

Times, The (London, England)-February 21, 1989

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Quarry Residents Still Dubious About Alterations to C.S. Lewis's Parish Church

The Friends of Headington Quarry held a meeting on November 12th where the vicar expounded his revised plan for an extension to Holy Trinity Church. 

There was still a lot of opposition to these plans, and it was clear that many local residents whose relatives are buried in the churchyard had attended the meeting specifically to protest against the scheme. Several people said that the new building would disturb or destroy the resting-places of their loved ones in an insensitive way.

The vicar claimed that the new building could be somehow erected from inside, without disturbance to the dozen or so graves immediately outside the line of the planned new wall. There was general scepticism about this. Most people thought that any building needs foundations, particularly when built in an area such as Quarry, notorious for subsidence and suffering from chronic flooding problems. To build foundations would mean digging down deep and necessarily going beyond the line of the projected wall. A committee member noted that when the neighbouring school was extended, the piles had to go down 14 metres into the ground. 
The case for repairing the vestry roof was the only one that was not controversial. One person suggested putting the new disabled-access toilet here on the ground floor, and then building a meeting room directly above it. Others queried whether the northern fire-exit of the planned building would invite people to walk right over their family graves. They thought the scheme still needed shrinking further. The vicar estimated that the building would cost £400,000. Since most building projects cost about twice the original estimate, if the plans ever get the go-ahead after all the diocese and city council vetting procedures, we ought not to be surprised if the final bill is nearer a million. Rather a lot of cake sales. 

You can write to Canon David Knight at: 12 Bankside, Headington Quarry, OX3 8LT or <> by no later than 28th November with comments on
these plans. Any comments received will be considered by the buildings sub-committee.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Doctors Warn of Sex-Change Dangers

Transsexualism was invented by psychiatrists. . . .You fundamentally can't change sex … It's genital mutilation. ~Alan Finch, ex-trans
If you thought Frank Maloney was barmy to ask doctors to cut off his dick, so he could pretend to be a woman, you will be relieved to hear that a voice for sanity has finally been heard.
After a string of stupid, unnecessary operations and procedures, medical experts have told him they do NOT advise the final drastic dick-chopping surgery.
All surgery carries risks, and medical ethics specify that operations must only be performed for valid medical reasons. It is frivolous and irresponsible to remove healthy organs or operate on patients who are not physically ill. 
In his last operation, for "facial reconstruction", 60-year-old Frank stopped breathing for an hour, and had to be given oxygen and lung pumping. He has a heart flutter, and even an operation for necessary health reasons would be something to consider carefully. So doctors have refused to go ahead with the planned genital surgery  - complete removal of all male organs and construction of a fake vagina.

Frank will have to be content to call himself "Kelly", wear frocks, wigs and lipstick, and hang strings of monster pearls around his thick neck with its prominent Adam's apple.
Transsexuals are mentally ill people. They need psychiatry, not surgery. Gender identity disorder is a mental problem, and it is being actively promoted across the Western world with many attendant horrors. Many of these nutcases become addicted to plastic surgery, obsessed with trying to alter their bodies through harmful medical procedures.

They repeatedly inject themselves and others with silicone, glue and other substances to alter their body shape. The results are grotesque, dangerous and often fatal. Larry Bernard, aged 33, of New Orleans, announced he was a "woman", changed his name to Armani Nicole Davenport and then performed illegal cosmetic operations on other "transsexuals". One of them was Brad Hall, who was going by the fanciful appellation of Breneisha. Larry injected his stiletto-wearing, mascara-laden chum with black market silicone to give him "female" curves. The  result was that Brad fell into a coma, and died at the age of 25 in Louisiana State University hospital, in January  this year. 

Thanks to the LGBT mania, children as young as four are being given hormones and operations to supposedly change their sex... leading to a future of sterility with very few potential partners. Even when you survive, you are nothing but a eunuch.
Douglas Perry, arrested on fingerprint evidence for the murder of a string of women in Washington, claimed that he was not guilty because he had changed his sex, now called himself "Donna" and was a different person.
When will the public wake up and realise that all this so-called transsexual nonsense is foolish and dangerous Only when our media and schools escape from the stranglehold of the Gaystapo.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/butt28n-1-web.jpg?enlarged