Tuesday, 21 October 2014

We give £700 million to Romanian railways...and it goes into corrupt pockets

Via the European Union, we in the UK are going to contribute €800 million   - which is just over £700 million sterling - to improve and update the Romanian transport infrastructure. So our tax money is being poured into modern roads and railways for Romania while train fares here in the UK are leaping up by 20 -25% per year. Commuters are crippled by these costs. 
In total, the EU is giving Romania 7.2 billion between now and 2020 for this project.
What a terrible shame. Apart from anything else, I like the Romanian trains the way they are, small and old-fashioned. 

It was a modernisation scheme that ruined the lovely little railway in Corsica.

But it is only fair that Romania gets this money as Bulgaria has already been given a similar amount. And so has Spain - to build motorways that have been washed away from mountainsides by winter rains, or toll-roads which "foreigners" such as the English have to pay to use, even though our taxes were taken to build them.

My Romanian friend Daniela Paun is not overjoyed by the EU's generous grant. She comments:
"WOW! I would be enchanted if much of this money will go to the railways as even inter-cities have the amazing speed of 50-60km/h. But I am afraid most of it will go to the black hole of the high ways where corruption in stead of efficiency is the king: huge amounts with almost no results!"

I said to her, "Maybe this will create jobs for you over there." She replied: "Thank you for your hope, but I hardly believe it will be the case."

She added, "
Progress has been made for an independent justice [ in Romania]. Still the attacks of the corrupt ones, politicians and manny others, are worrisome. The PM and the majority in both chambers are Socialists."

Same fox, different fur, as the Romanian proverb goes.



Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Save Asia Bibi, Sentenced to Death in Pakistan

Asia Bibi is only one of many people sentenced to death in Pakistan for refusing to change her religion to Islam.

She has been held in prison for over a year and is  now facing execution  in this backward country which takes billion of  pounds in "Aid" from Britain.


Asia Bibi has committed no crime and she is being killed as an act of defiance against world opinion.  This is an act of persecution. Her right to her Christian beliefs is upheld by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Please sign the petition (scroll down to Royaume-Uni for UK) and circulate it widely as time is running out.
Write to your MP and circulate this on Facebook.
While you are about it,ask your MP why people with attitudes like those of Shahid Akmal (below) are running schools in England. Diversity? Equality? Tolerance?  Or just stupidity?

Shahid Akmal, former governor at Nansen Primary School in Birmingham

Akmal, one of the governors o a "Trojan Horse" school in Birmingham, was interviewed by an undercover reporter in Juliy this year and expressed such views as that Europeans have what he called "colonial blood".
“The colonial blood is very difficult to get rid of. The colonial blood they have within them, these white people, it’s very difficult to get rid of that very quickly. They still think they rule half the world.”
He went on to say that white children were lazy and Asian women were superior to the English. “I tell you, our women are much, much better consciously in the heart than any white women. White women have the least amount of morals.” Of course - look at all those wicked little girls in Rotherham who went around grooming older men,,,,
Akmal argued that girls should be taught skills like cooking and sewing while boys should be taught trades like construction and mechanics.
Akmal attacked women who became “high flying” politicians: “She has to sacrifice her family, she has to sacrifice her children, she has to sacrifice her husband, all in the name of equality. And there are so many marriages that have broken up because of this.” Yes, there also politicians like Benazir Bhutto who have been assassinated because of this...
Akmal appeared to defend British Muslims joining ISIS rebels in Syria and Iraq, He called them "freedom fighters". He regards the terrorists who beheaded Alan Henning as heroic,
He said: “The fact that they have gone there to fight, they say that he is supporting terrorists. Because they don’t believe in the freedom fight.”


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

On 1st November 2014 the UK Parliament comes to an effective end.

Why are students in the UK not marching and waving banners for democracy like their counterparts in Hong Kong? It seems that over there in that tiny former British colony, people value democracy far more than they do here. The idea that you will be governed by people you have not elected does not appeal to them. Meanwhile here in the UK people are fast asleep. 

On 1st November 2014 the UK Parliament comes to an effective end. That is because so many powers are being transferred from Westminster to the EU. The Lisbon Treaty is taking away our veto on new legislation however unpopular and replacing it with QMV  - qualified majority voting  - in the following 44 areas.

Initiatives of the High Representative for Foreign Affairs – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Administrative co-operation – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Asylum – Nice: QMV; Lisbon: QMV
Border controls – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Citizens' initiative regulations – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Civil protection – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Committee of the Regions – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Common defence policy – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Crime prevention incentives – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Criminal judicial co-operation – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Criminal law – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Culture – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Diplomatic & Consular protection – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Economic & Social Committee – Nice: QMV Lisbon: QMV
Emergency international aid – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Energy – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
EU budget – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Eurojust – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV

European Central Bank – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
European Court of Justice – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV

Europol – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Eurozone external representation – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Foreign Affairs High Representative election – Lisbon: QMV
Freedom of movement for workers – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Freedom to establish a business – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon QMV
Freedom, security, justice, co-operation & evaluation – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Funding the Common Foreign & Security Policy – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
General economic interest services – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Humanitarian aid – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Immigration – Nice: QMV; Lisbon: QMV
Intellectual property – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Organisation of the Council of the EU – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Police co-operation – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
President of the European Council election – Lisbon: QMV
Response to natural disasters & terrorism – Lisbon: QMV
Rules concerning the Armaments Agency – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Self-employment access rights – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Social Security Unanimity – Nice: QMV; Lisbon: QMV
Space – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV

Sport – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Structural & Cohension Funds – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Tourism – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Transport – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Withdrawal of a member state – Nice: QMV; Lisbon: QMV

So while people in Hong Kong demonstrate and organize sit-ins for democracy, we in the UK are letting it slip away while we slumber complacently. Nobody in the UK ever voted to become part of a massive, centralised, EU super-state. Our parents were told that we would enter a free-trade zone, that's all. It was rather like being lured onto a slave ship with a promise of sweets. Even then, the vote was distorted by massive, foreign funding for the "yes" supporters. And as for the promise of a new British "Bill of Rights," that is worth as much as all David Cameron's other "cast-iron guarantees" and Nick Clegg's solemn pledges to abolish tuition fees and vote against cuts. Even in their own parties, surely nobody is stupid enough to believe it?


Friday, 3 October 2014

Liberal scroungers and parasites

Who are the scroungers and parasites in our society? Whinging Liberal peeress Olly Grender looks to me like one of the worst offenders. While her party in government is cutting benefits even for disabled people and forcing job-seekers to take "work experience" for as little as £30 per week, she complains that she cannot live on the £300 per DAY that she is paid to sit and do nothing in the House of Lords.

'Deeply offensive': Olly Grender, who incredibly claimed being in the House of Lords is 'unaffordable' to normal people because peers only get £300 a day

Olly Grender was made a LibDem peer by her multi-millionaire chum Nick Clegg, and after picking up £21,000 for six months in the House of Lords, she is saying that nobody can live on such a measly sum and it leaves you dependent on your partner.
The rate is equivalent to a salary of nearly £60,000 per annum, after deductions of tax, which Ms - sorry LADY - Grender does not have to pay on her expenses. Furthermore, in the House of Lords she gets subsidized food and wine, free newspapers, a library and an office equipped with computers. To say nothing of a free parking space bang in the middle of London. Still not enough for her.

Ms Grender, a public relations merchant who has been desribed as Nick Clegg's "spin doctor" has never been an MP, has never been elected to any post, and is typical of the new unelected elite who are ruling us in place of  the old hereditary peers so hypocritically abolished. 
She tells us solemnly that low pay is the reason why there are no hair dressers or bus-drivers in the House of Lords.
No, Lady Grender  - the reason is that your friend Nick Clegg has not nominated any hairdressers or bus-drivers. He could do if he wished, but he doesn't know any, has never met any, and doesn't give a damn about what they think either. Besides, they don't make large contributions to party funds, or introduce him to influential people so why should he put their names on the list of new prospective peers? 
You are there to make the Libdem's "sexual equality" image believable. So please just shut up and take the money because frankly your whining makes a lot of people sick.


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Bake-off is Getting Silly

TV programmes have a natural life and after they have made a hit with the public, what generally happens is that they get "sequelitis". Either they have to repeat themselves, perhaps with some thin disguise, or they have to wander from the original idea in order to prolong the series indefinitely. We have got to this stage with the Great British Bake-off. It is no longer great, it is less and less British and this week it was not even about baking.
Over the last few episodes we have seen the hapless contestants being required to make things that nobody has ever tasted, seen or even heard of. Obscure varieties of cake and pastry from every corner of the world are now being found and turned into a challenge for the bakers.
Last week they were expected to make "Kouign-amann" a type of sweet pastry from one village in Brittany, utterly unknown to most French people. The instructions boiled it down to just seventeen steps - no fuss, then.
This week they had to make something called Schichttorte, an even more obscure culinary oddity from one village in Germany.


The reason a recipe has not travelled the world is that it's probably a bit more trouble than it's worth. The twenty layers of Schichttorte are grilled, one at a time, not baked. Not only is this a huge waste of time and fuel, but since it's not actually baked, what is it doing on the British Bake-off? It just gave Paul Hollywood another chance to bully people in his abrupt, offhand way. He does not even try to be polite, and the fact that he appears on the show wearing jeans seems to me rather disrespectful. Judges should dress up. Not necessarily in a wig and a robe, but at least a decent pair of trousers.

Of course the Bakeoff has nothing to do with baking in real life. Real women don't have four or five hours to make a cake, They're lucky if they get half an hour, and most of that time they will also be doing everybody else's washing up, answering the phone and watering all the pot plants on the patio.

Watching on TV can't give you any idea what things really taste like but I would be prepared to bet that anything cooked by Chetna, who was kicked off this week in the semi-final, would be pretty tasty. It is a pity to see her go and if we could invite ourselves to dinner with any one of the contestants, she would certainly be my choice.


Friday, 26 September 2014

R.I.P. Jesse Dirkhising


Today 26th September is the 15th anniversary of the death of Jesse Dirkhising, a 13-year-old boy who was brutally molested and killed by a pair of homosexuals in Arkansas, USA.

The predators, Davis Don Carpenter, 38, and Joshua Macabe Brown, 22, confessed to sexually molesting and violating Jesse while torturing him to death.
World media has given far more attention to the supposed "gay-bashing" crime of Matthew Shepard  - now exposed as being a fraud as Shepard was killed by his own
homosexual friend and lover. That myth shows how warped and misleading our media coverage is.
It is the tragedy of Jesse we should be memorializing, and the anniversary of his death should be an official day of mourning. 

Young Jesse, only 13, suffocated to death during the early morning hours of Sept. 26, 1999, after being bound, drugged, gagged and brutally sodomized by Carpenter and Brown at the "gay" pair's apartment in Rogers, Arkansas.
During the five-hour assault that began around midnight in the couple’s bedroom, Brown, acting on written instructions from Carpenter, bound the boy with nylon rope, placed a T-shirt blindfold over his head, and gagged his mouth with a pair of dirty underpants secured by a bandana and duct tape.
After propping pillows beneath Dirkhising’s abdomen, Brown sodomized him with three fingers, his penis, a frozen banana, and a urine enema laced with the sedative drug amitryptiline while Carpenter watched, masturbating, in the bedroom doorway.

Midway through the assault, Carpenter went to an all-night grocery store to purchase additional rape implements. A receipt later found by police, time-stamped 3:07 a.m., showed “Eckrich” sausage, cucumbers, “tape” and “deli” sandwiches.

Upon Carpenter’s return from the store, Brown continued sodomizing Jesse with the sausage and cucumber, using Vaseline. He then left the room to eat a sandwich. When he returned, the boy was no longer breathing. Frantic, he woke Carpenter who by that time had fallen asleep on the living room sofa.
After the men attempted unsuccessfully to administer CPR, Carpenter called 911. When police arrived at the apartment, they found Dirkhising naked and near death on the bedroom floor. His face was blue, there was blood in his mouth, and his body was smeared with feces.
Patrolman Ian Smith later testified, “The smell was unbearable. It was horrible. I couldn’t explain it to you.” Another detective testified that Brown had fecal matter in the web of his fingers when he was arrested.
Jesse was pronounced dead after being rushed to nearby St. Mary’s Hospital. Medical Examiner Dr. Stephen Erickson later testified that the boy died as a result of “suffocation, positional asphyxiation and acute amitryptiline intoxication.”
Carpenter admitted to police he had used several drugs in the hours leading up to the assault, including methamphetamine.
After his arrest, Carpenter told Benton County jail inmates that he participated in Jesse’s sodomy by “shoving pain pills” down the boy’s throat, according to a police affidavit.
In his police confession, Brown said he and Jesse “were just playing around.” He said they often hog-tied each other and that the teenager was a willing participant in their “games.”
Carpenter also “had fantasies about dogs” and would draw pictures of bondage acts, said Brown.
Police also confiscated several notes that Carpenter wrote describing how to sedate and sodomize children.
One three-page note, addressed to “Baby,” Carpenter’s pet name for Brown, contained a graphic sexual assault fantasy about a little neighbor girl: “I saw your 10-year-old blonde whore this morning … Her bus comes by at 7:20 or 7:30.”
“Keep an eye on her to catch the first opportunity to talk to her – In the back window & whammo! Oh yeah!”

Carpenter wrote housekeeping instructions to Brown and, in one note, described their relationship as “a beautiful marriage!”

Police found hard-core pornography and personal written fantasies in the apartment that confirmed that what was done to Jesse was premeditated. They included scenarios of binding, drugging and sexually assaulting children.


Thursday, 25 September 2014

Victims of Child Sex Abuse Silenced and Gaoled

Melanie Shaw, a woman who made allegations about child sex abuse that happened when she was in Beechwood Children's Home Nottinghamshire, has been kept in prison for the last 61 days.

As in the case of Robert Green, there are no charges against Melanie yet she has been threatened, intimidated and now incarcerated in a disgraceful way.
Ms Shaw is a vital abuse whistleblower, yet she remains in high security prison HMP #Peterborough, with no substantive evidence against her. She is not being given the proper #NHS medication that she has taken daily over many years, nor is  she getting treatment for her leg ulcer. She has no access to her psychiatrist, is not permitted visits from her family, and has been subjected to interference with her mail, bullying from prison warders, and a national mainstream media black out.

Meanwhile her MP Chris Leslie and other MPs have not responded to her messages and pleas for help.
The Crown Prosecution Service under Alison Saunders has not only failed to produce evidence against Melanie, but has recently allowed child abuse witness evidence tapes to be stolen from unsecured private addresses of film contractor Swan Films.

The vicious treatment of Melanie Shaw by #Nottinghamshire #Police, the #CPS, the #Courts and the #Westminster MP's can only be explained as their sheer desperation to silence Melanie and her testimony of child abuse, rapes, torture and murder at Beechwood Children's Home Nottinghamshire. They need to cover up her evidence of Nottinghamshire police lying to hide their failure to investigate Beechwood abuses via Operation Daybreak.

Please write to your local newspapers and and your MPs protesting about this.  Ring up your local radio station and get them to publicize the case and open up discussion.

The information in this article comes from the UK Column.